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Overview:  Institute of Occupational Safety & Health is a global organization for health & safety professionals. It is a UK based organization which offers professional health & safety courses to promote safety throughout the world. IOSH has around 48,000 members from 130 countries in the world.
DETAILS (IOSH MS): IOSH MS is a UK based certification that has a high demanding base in Bangladesh. IOSH helps professionals to assess occupational hazards, and maintain appropriate health and safety.
Aim (why this course):
  • To make people understand about the importance of safety at work place.
  • To encourage employees for maintaining health safety while working.
  • To educate managers and supervisors to monitor and control risk.
Who can attend? As this course is about safety issues, anyone from any background and organization can attend this course.
Course Content:
  • Module 1: Introducing managing safely
  • Module 2: Assessing risks
  • Module 3: Controlling risks
  • Module 4: Understanding responsibilities
  • Module 5: Understanding hazards
  • Module 6: Investigating incidents
  • Module 7: Measuring Performance

  • International recognition and better career prospects
  • Ability to recognize health & safety hazards present in the workplace, and sound knowledge to control risks.
  • Ability to investigate incidents, and take remedial action.
  • Ability to implement legal requirements, and serve the society in a better way.
  • Capability to promote company-wide safety awareness culture.

Course Duration:
  • 5 days course

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